About me:

My name is Lexi and I'm an aquaholic. I've had a thirst for a good adventure and a strong sense of wanderlust ever since I can remember. In high school I figured myself finally old enough to travel independently and so ran off one summer to live with a host family in Japan (much to the dismay of my worried mother). In college I decided studying abroad in one country wouldn't do and instead boarded a ship that brought me and 500 other college kids on a journey around the globe. After graduating from University of Colorado, I decided to postpone the real world and spend a few fun months getting my divemaster certification in Honduras. Of course when that was over and I realized I now had the qualifications to work in the dive industry, I said goodbye to any prospect of returning to the real world and became a full-time vagabond and dive bum.

Along the way I met a truly amazing guy who shared my desire to live on tropical beaches, and even serenaded me, Aladdin-style, I can show you the world...

Adventures of an Aquaholic is an accumulation of my stories from my travels.

About my previous adventures:

Adventures of an Aquaholic begins with my trip to Honduras after graduating college.

To read about my summer in Japan, visit: aoljapan.blogspot.com.

And to read about my Semester at Sea experience, visit: lexiatsea.blogspot.com.

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Email: lexi.boco@gmail.com

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