It’s Shark Week back in the US! I love Shark Week just as much as the next person, so imagine my dismay when I found out that Australia’s Shark Week isn’t until December! (We get Australia’s Discovery Channel here in Palau). How can that be? I’m living in the world’s first shark sanctuary and can’t even watch Shark Week. So instead I spent my day compiling these fun infographics. Don’t let the media fool you into believing that sharks are mindless, human-eating machines. They are powerful and deserving of lot of respect without a doubt, but humans are actually a much larger threat to sharks then they are to us.

1. Meet the shark. Here are some cool shark facts. (Click here to view full size image.)

2. Depending on how you present your facts, sharks can indeed appear quite threatening. With infographics like this, it is no wonder that sharks are so greatly feared. Don't forget though that media outlets such as the Discovery Channel make a lot of money off of your fear of sharks. (Click here to view full size image.)

3. Have you ever wondered why exactly sharks always seem to attack surfers? Check out this image displaying possible meal choices from a shark’s perspective. For the record, sharks are picky eaters and don’t like humans. They just sometimes have difficulty telling us apart from their favorite meals.

4. For those with a morbid sense of curiosity, this is a breakdown of exactly which body parts sharks go for the most, and the three different ways in which they attack. (I promise I’m almost done scaring you away from the ocean permanently). (Click here to view full size image.) 

5. Just about now you’re probably asking, is it really safe to go into the ocean? (Click here to view full size image.) 

6. Statistically speaking, there are a lot of things that you should be a lot more afraid of than sharks. Hotdogs for instance. Hotdogs kill 70 people per year compared to the 5 people per year that sharks kill. (Click here to view full size image.) 

7. So sharks can indeed be dangerous, but that’s nothing compared to the danger that humans pose on sharks. (Click here to view full size image.) 

8. It is estimated that humans kill 11,417 sharks PER HOUR. That number may be difficult to wrap your head around, so this is what that many sharks looks like. (Click here to view full size image.) 

9. You’ve probably seen this photo pop up on Facebook at some point or another. Now it has new meaning. 

10. Why do we kill so many sharks? Mostly for an expensive and popular dish that is served at Chinese weddings: shark fin soup. 96 sharks are killed every 30 seconds for some fancy pants soup. (Click here to view full size image.

11. Why are shark fins such a valuable ingredient in this soup? There are many myths about the medicinal properties of shark fin, all of which are completely false. Shark fin does not cure cancer.(Click here to view full size image.) 

12. Big deal, we’re not in China, how does this affect us? DNA taken from shark fin soup sold in the US has been traced back to endangered species. (Click here to view full size image.)

13. Due to fishing and finning practices, shark numbers are declining rapidly, leading to the necessity to create shark sanctuaries such as here in Palau. (Click here to view full size image.) 

14. This saddening image shows just how much shark species have declined since the 1970s. 

15. It is time we stop being afraid of sharks and start being afraid for them. At the current rate of declination, sharks could be extinct within the next 20 years. (Click here to view full size image.) 

16. We care enough to save panda bears, why not sharks? Even if our motivations must be selfish, sharks are worth more monetarily alive then they are dead. (Click here to view full size image.) 

And to end on a not-as-morbid note, here's a picture I found of the US as a shark. Happy Shark Week, US!