We got a very rude reminder of just how fragile life is the other night. You think everything is perfect and you have all your ducks in a row and then a meteor lands on one of them. We lost little Mars to one of the feral dogs here. I knew they were mean. I didn’t realize they were cold-blooded enough to harm a little kitten though. Mars was playing on the steps to our house (he never went all the way to the bottom by himself) and the white male dog who hangs out in the parking lot came up and snatched him and tried to run off with him. Fletch ran the nasty thing down and pounded him on the head to get Mars back, but by the time we got him to the vet there was a already too much internal damage. Needless to say we are all heartbroken.

Mars was the cutest kitten. He excelled at all the kitteny things. He liked to play and sleep and eat and poop. He enjoyed attacking our ankles and booping our noses. He was getting really good at giving high fives too. His favorite toy was a sponge that had once been soaked in oven cleaner. He preferred that even over his catnip toy. 

His favorite hiding place was inside the couch. The lining is ripped underneath and so he would climb up inside. It took us the longest time to figure out where he was always disappearing off to, so we called his secret spot Narnia and even considered renaming him Mr. Tumnus. 

We love you, Mars, and miss you very much. 

The following are a few words Fletch wanted to add: 

Mars was on his way to being the best cat ever. I am going to miss how he followed me everywhere. Even if he was sleeping, he got up and made sure he knew where I was the whole time. He never used his claws when he stalked me or jumped out in surprise attack formation. Most of all I loved how he patiently waited in bed every morning until I was ready to get up, no matter how late I wanted to sleep in. And no matter what, if I held him in in my arms for more than a minute or two, he would go to sleep in any position. He truly loved me unconditionally, and I him in return. I will miss him and all he was. He was a special kitty that was a gift to me even though we rescued him.

And the following is from Kyle:

We all knew mars was special from the start. He started playing baseball as a youngster and slowly grew to be the face of the KBL (Kitty Baseball League).  However Mars' career in the KBL started to fade as sponsors found out about his oven cleaner addiction. His final game was on the night of May 2nd when a crazed fan hopped the railing and kidnapped him from his dugout. He did not make it that night at the game but his name goes down in KBL history as co-founder of the league as well has MVP for season 2015.
1luv Mars, see you on the flip side!

Rest in peace, little buddy.