Uh oh, not another kitten post!

Guys, meet Bob.

Before you go calling me a crazy cat lady, know that this one isn’t staying permanently, we’re just kitten sitting (I know, that's what they all say). Before we rescued Mars, one of our friends said the cat in her apartment complex had had four kittens that were ready to find homes if we wanted one of them. We were almost tempted, but then little Mars came along. That friend is moving now and needed someone to take care of the last kitten in the litter while she got settled in, so when she asked us, we said we’d be happy to take care of him for a week.

Bob has what looks like a giant bob tail, but is actually his tail zig zagged back and forth three times. He was born like that. He also has giant bat ears, the softest plushy fur, and hangs limp like a rag doll when you pick him up. He also goes by Bobble-Butt Bob or Slinky.

When he showed up, at first Mars was like, Oh hell no! (Kyle has been a bad influence on him.) 

And then they spent a good 24 hours trying to eat each other ears off. 

But then they realized they both enjoyed attacking ears and became instant bffs. 

And now they're just too darn adorable.