We got cable installed! We skipped on adding the American news channels package though because all the shows from ABC and NBC and Fox are actually tapes that are sent over from the U.S. They are usually two weeks old by the time they air here. That is if they receive the tapes at all; sometimes they don't get them and so have to show an old (older than two weeks) news program. How funny is that? I mean what's the point of even watching the news if it's two weeks old? If the world turns to chaos someone shoot me an email.

Palau has its own tv channel where they'll air shows that were filmed in this area. For example this morning we watched an old discovery channel show about Truk Lagoon and a wreck that's supposedly haunted. You know those faux documentary type shows. The channel also shows an evening news show for Palau where a happy local in a nice Hawaiian shirt gives the latest on island life. Last night the breaking news story was that the Palau Vacation Hotel is under fire for serving an illegal fish. They then proceeded to show five minutes of footage of a beautiful napoleon wrasse swimming in the ocean. I love it here.