Our rent-a-cat experiment ended about how I expected it to. I fell in love with a bundle of fur who was destined to stay on Koh Tao while I was doomed to leave. He was one cool cat.

His favorite way of being held was upside down.

And when no one was around to hold him upside down he would pop a squat in his own personal beanbag chair.

Sometimes he would get tricked into wearing stupid homemade tinfoil hats when he thought he was going to get held upside down. Those were never good moments.

And if still no one would hold him upside down he'd just curl up like a baby in someone's lap.

And yet as much as he loved being held upside down, it still didn't beat being wrapped up in sheets.

When it was time to pack up, T. R. Vegetables thought he could disguise himself as an inanimate object and come along.

But T. R. was a tropical kitty and would not have been happy in the cold dry air of Colorado. The day we left he was nowhere to be seen and I cried as we left and he wasn't there to say goodbye. He's living with our roommate Maike now, happy as a clam and probably doesn't even remember who we are. Thanks for bringing smiles to our faces, Veggies.