On November 15 Fletch and I celebrated our one year anniversary and he somehow managed to outdo himself again. First of all though, I've already been with this awesome guy for a whole year! Thank you Fletch for a year of amazing adventures, for being an incredible travel buddy, an irreplaceable friend, and most of all the man I love.

Fletch told me to be home at 5:00 so that we could be ready to go at 5:30 and that was all he would say. So I hurried home and put on the one nice dress I brought with me that has been sitting in my closet this whole time. At 5:30 on the dot we walked down the endless staircase leading to our house to find a pickup truck and a chauffeur dressed nicely in uniform holding the door for us. I asked Fletch where he had found this guy because he was so professional, we don't have fancy chauffeurs like that here on Koh Tao. My amazement only continued as the guy proceeded to drive like an actual civilized human being. Taxi drivers in Thailand drive like maniacs. I don't know how there aren't more accidents here. Not this guy though, he handled every bump and turn like he was driving a cargo of glass trinkets.

We turned on the road that leads to Banana Bar but took a turn that I was unfamiliar with. We pulled up to a fancy resort where two ladies dressed in traditional Thai garb greeted us and handed Fletch a bouquet of lilies to give to me. At the entrance to the resort there was a chalkboard sign that said "Fletch & Lexi's Special Day."

Then one of the ladies led us along a path through some gardens and out to a little grassy viewpoint where there were two mats and a small table set up for the most beautiful picnic, the perfect spot to watch the sun set. They served us a fizzy cocktail in champagne flutes and three different kinds of bruschetta, one a traditional tomato and garlic, one a squash and zucchini, and one a cheese and walnut. We sat and had a picnic and enjoyed the treats and we watched a spectacular sunset.

I thought this perfect little secluded viewpoint would be the entirety of our evening but once we had finished with the appetizers, Fletch informed me that the evening was not over, we still had to go eat dinner at the restaurant. I was slightly reluctant to leave this romantic picnic setup, but we informed the server who was waiting in the distance that we were ready for dinner and she led us back along the pathway towards the restaurant. We kept walking past the restaurant however, and rounded the corner and walked down to the beach where there was a beautiful candle lit table set up for two on a large flat rock right on the shore of the water. It took me a moment to realize that this was for us. A sound system with music was set up just for us. An ice bucket with a bottle of champagne lay waiting next to the table. I was a little overwhelmed by how nice everything was.

Our server seated us and poured us champagne, then brought out the first of our three course meal, a tuna tartar with caviar and quail eggs.

For the second course our server, a very friendly lady with a sweet smile, asked how we wanted our meat cooked. We both said medium thinking she meant fish. Fletch had requested a pescetarian meal so I felt horrible when our server brought out two massive boards covered in a surf and turf feast. I said it was alright, I'd just eat the jumbo shrimp (these things were the size of lobsters) but Fletch managed to convey that I didn't eat meat and the lady said she'd have fish brought out. Many apologies were exchanged, but the meal was well worth the confusion.

The food was so good and I managed to stuff myself before half the plate was even gone. Our server tried to clear my plate but sad to see so much food left, I told her I was still working on it. After staring at the last few bites for several minutes I realized I didn't have any room left.

We were both relieved when dessert came out and it was just a refreshing assortment of bites of fruit. The caramelized pineapple was especially nice.

I couldn't have asked for a nicer evening. I didn't even know something so nice was possible here on Koh Tao, this island full of dive bums running around with no shirts and no shoes. If anyone could arrange it though, it's Fletch.