Now that we've moved into a place that doesn't threaten to kick us out when they see cat hair, we decided foster a kitty for the few months that we have left here.

There's an amazing animal clinic here on the island that doubles as a vet and a humane society. The lady who runs it works mostly off of donations. If you're ever having a bad day you can go in and play with all the dogs and cats. We headed over a couple days after moving in and asked her if there were any adult kitties that needed a nice home for two months instead of just sitting in the back room. She introduced us to a white and brown cat and said he would be perfect for us to take. 

So this is T. R. Vegetables. His interests include being loved on, hanging out by the pool, and napping. 

Sometimes he naps on the couch with his head up.

 Sometimes he shows off his pretty face.

Sometimes after a crazy night out he passes out with t-rex arms.

 Usually he likes to curl up under the sheets.

 You may think this is a pile of sheets but it is actually T. R. Vegetables taking a nap.

T. R. has a pin in his back hip so he waddles around with a limp. He also has a tail that is bent in two places but apparently he was born that way. If you stick your finger in the crook of his bent tail he'll give you a finger hug. 

Welcome to the family T. R. Vegetables!