Today I made up errands to run because I sunburned my backside badly yesterday and figured it would probably be best to not do that again. I went to 7-Eleven to buy water, and over in the corner where they have fountain drinks such as Thai iced tea (or in the US I believe it's slushies died some unnatural color) I found little packets of matcha mix. Matcha is a green powder that they mix with hot water in Japan for tea ceremonies. Starbucks caught on to the trend and you can get green tea lattes or green tea frappuccinos in the US. And now apparently they sell it the same here as instant coffee. I looked at the ingredients and it's about 50% sugar and 3% matcha but who cares, if you've spent any amount of time in Japan you've probably developed a green tea flavored everything addiction at some point.

Then I went to look for a yoga mat, which I've been missing very much, and I have this perfect space in my room to do yoga that's just going to waste. I decided to go look at the store that has the elephant fountains in front, because they seem to have a random assortment of everything from liquor to baby cribs. I didn't find any yoga mats wedged between the cooking utensils and giant ass teddy bears but on the way there I spotted a fruit stand on the road with a big pile of ripe lychee. I excitedly stopped on the way back and filled up a bag which the lady weighed and informed me would cost a whopping 30 baht ($1).

So I went home and had myself a nice little snack of matcha and lychee, after eating a sandwich because I decided that matcha and lychee would be much more fun after eating a sandwich. Turns out this stuff isn't even lychee, but something similar called rambutan (if you look at pictures to compare the two, lychee doesn't have Dr. Seuss hair growing all over it).

Basically you peel the skin covered in Dr. Seuss hair all off and out pops what resembles in consistency a large grape. In the middle is a seed which you'll want to avoid or else feel like you're chewing some wood splinters along with  your egg-sized grape. Wood splinters or not, it's quite sweet and delicious.