This is what we've been doing, for I don't know how many days now, but it hasn't gotten old yet.

  1. Jump on scooter. I mean walk of course.
  2. Choose direction.
  3. Go until you reach water.
  4. Spend a few hours snorkeling/freediving until you realize you're hungry, and damn, lunch should have been a few hours ago.
  5. Ok just a few more minutes swimming around. 
Fletch is the one with his nose in the guide book leading us around. I read all that fun stuff before I came here. Now I just want to see and go play. He keeps showing me descriptions of bays and I just keep saying ok, let's go there. Less reading, more doing. (Although to be fair, the free guidebook they give out here is better then every travel guide I bought before coming here combined, plus it has a really nice chapter of maps, and a fish guide!!) 

I've lost track of the days but the other day we ended up at Thien Og, which means Shark Bay, and yes, much to my liking, it is actually named appropriately after the sharks swimming there. If you don't know me, you should know that I really love sharks. 

So we start snorkeling around and it's murky and you really can't see diddly squat. But whatever, this happened at Hin Wong the other day too and we just had to swim out a little ways before it cleared up. So we keep swimming, like Dory, Just keep swimming, and eventually Fletch starts free diving and before too long comes up excitedly, saying that there are sharks everywhere, you just have to dive below the thermocline to see them. So I dove down, and sure enough, once past the thermocline you cloud see ten times as far and there were black tip reef sharks all over the place. Such beautiful creatures. These were just little guys though. Really quite adorable. Yes I just called a shark adorable, deal with it. 

We chased them around for ages, filming them, photographing them, swimming with them. I was nearly close enough to pet one at one point. He started acting offensively though and don't worry, I'm not stupid, I mean we are talking about vicious killers that deserve a huge amount of healthy respect. 

At one point Fletch started yelling through his snorkel and pointing behind me. I turned around and there was this massive turtle. I mean I've never seen a turtle this size before. Oh he was such a beauty, graceful and playful all at the same time. Well not playful with us, he did not like us being there one little bit and hightailed it out of there like a bullet. But still, I saw a turtle. And sharks. All in one day. Can't get any better than that.