Fletch has a lot of friends here. I'm seriously amazed by how many people he knows here. And they're all from Roatan. They were all there before I went, so I never knew them til now, but still, it's cool that so many people here came from the same place.

So one of said friends, Kyle, suddenly gets really excited about going to this reservoir and then going and jumping off of some rock... I guess when you dive every day on an island that doesn't have a lot to do besides dive, reservoirs and rocks start sounding exciting. Let me remind you that I teach in a frigid, murky reservoir, with 5 foot vis on a regular basis. My best dive in the past few months was the one where I actually saw the plane that I lead all my students around. My idea of fun is still the ocean. Maybe that would change if I stayed here longer.

So we hopped on our scooters, (unless you are my mom, in which case we walked), and scooted (walked, obviously) on up the hill to this reservoir, also Koh Tao's water supply. Isn't she a beauty? Yes, that is a gigantic tarp filled with mud.

Although to be fair, the view from the top was pretty kick-ass:

Oh and see that rock in the middle of the bay just to the right of Fletches forehead? That was the rock we were about to go jump off of.

We walked (I'm just going to say 'walked' from now on) down the other side of the hill, to the bay, found a spot to stash our stuff, and snorkeled out to the rock. There was a rope anchored into the top of the rock purely for the sake of climbing, and then we jumped.

View of Koh Tao from the rock:

Snorkeling... I'm sorry GoPro just makes underwater selfies too easy. I was going to post a video of me being a dork and filming myself jumping off the cliff, but lucky for you the internet here said no. This was the best alternative.