...the mass migration of everyone throughout Asia to Koh Pha Ngan for the Full Moon Party. As we walked around Koh Tao Friday morning to check out and return the bike, every hostel and hotel in the area had heaps of backpacks and luggage piled out in front, headed to the ferry. Next stop: Koh Pha Ngan.

This island doesn't take their partying lightly. It is seriously party all night and sleep by day. If you manage to wake up while the sun is still up, it is only to find the streets speckled with sleep deprived, hungover zombies shuffling about. At night it is all beach, neon lights, and state of the art sound systems. There is always an occasion to party here, the main event being the Full Moon. It isn't enough to have just a Full Moon Party though. You also must have all the pre-parties leading up to the full moon. Last night was the Pool Party, I'll save that story for when I have to time to make sense of it all and come up with ways to encode all the debauchery, and then tonight is the Jungle Experience. Roar.