Day 31

It's Friday! But every day is Friday here. We started out the morning by taking our Rescue exams. 50/50! So easy to do well on things you actually care about. And then we went tubing, complete with photo shoot because the shop wants to start offering tubing to people. I'm not going to lie, as fun as it was, it was also a thoroughly painful experience. We rock-paper-scissored for who got to ride first, and Holly and Matt won. So we watched them bounce around until they finally flipped and all had a good laugh, until it was Aaron and my turn. First time was all dandy. I love tubing! So much fun. But then on the second time around we were thrown off only a couple minutes in, and I literally got slammed between the ocean surface and Aaron, which felt like being squished between two slabs of concrete. I sat there treading water at the surface for a good minute, completely unable to breath, only wheezing some awful sound that even made me worry about what might have happened. It's 7:00 in the evening here now and I still feel like someone dropped a bowling ball on my chest. No that's too easy, I feel like a wrecking ball knocked me over full force.  I can't wait to see the bruises tomorrow.

But no way was I going to let that spoil the fun. We all spent the afternoon zip-lining! Kim has some connection with the Pirates of the Caribbean Canopy Tour here so a bunch of us from the shop all got to go zip-lining for free. I've never been zip-lining before and when they brought us up to the top of that first line I nearly ran all the way back down the mountain. But it was so much fun! There were about eight different lines that we got to zip down, hundreds of feet above the forest canopy, ocean in the distance, salty sea breeze rushing through your hair... Great fun.

Left to right: Matt, Sheila, Dimas, Lexi. Selvin, Holly, Aaron, RenĂ©, Edwen. Front: Maynor.