Day 38

I truly do apologize for the lack of updates. By the time I ever have any time to write in the evening, I'm usually too exhausted from the day's fun to bother turning on my computer. But here's what's been happening the past week.

Saturday we hitchhiked our way to the iguana park. I love that hitchhiking is a thing here. Don't worry we all stayed together as a group and the general rule is you only jump in the backs of trucks; don't get into a the cab of a stranger's vehicle. Finding our way there and back was more of an adventure than the actual iguana park, which was pretty much a rip-off for tourists.

Two new guys showed up over the weekend. Both of them have done their divemaster, and IDC, and are back now just for fun and to do some specialties. Fletch is from Alabama, and Jaimie is from South Africa.

I am now a certified rescue diver! And I found a shark tooth, and I logged my 50th dive, and I've speared four lionfish.

Time to go to work!