I'm uploading a video to facebook because try as I might, my blog won't let me upload it. We were supposed to be working on our mapping project and got a little sidetracked. You'll see what I mean.


Yesterday was perfection; one of those days that you know that years from now, you'll look back on as one of the best days of your life. We got the day off and one of our boat captains drove us two hours east to a little deserted island called Pigeon Key. You know those cheesy island calendars that you buy full of beach pictures? The one's that you're almost certain have to be photoshopped because the water is just too turquoise and the sand is whiter than snow? And even if you ever did find such a place, it would be completely crowded with tourists? Those pictures wouldn't do this place justice.

We anchored the boat as close as we could get and had to swim ashore with all of our belongings and lunch makings stashed in a giant bucket. We had brought along all of our scuba gear and a tank each, and so spent the day snorkeling, diving, spearing lionfish, sunbathing, drinking, and ultimately had a feast of lionfish sandwiches for lunch.