Days 17, 18, 19

A rainstorm rolled in at 3:00 in the morning on Friday and it's been raining pretty much nonstop ever since. The hammering of the rain combined with the howling of the wind is enough to keep you awake all night, only to get out of bed and slip all over the floor because it is practically flooded from the roof leaking.

Darren picked us up and told us we were all crazy for not taking the day off. When we got into the shop, Rhami, Holly and I were given our Emergency First Response manuals and told to spend the morning reading them. So that took up about an hour after which I took a nap in the lobby of the hotel. Around noon we were sent home because there just wasn't anything to do with all of the rain.

The afternoon was spent watching movies, one of which was one of those surf films with no real story line, but just a bunch of cool shots of waves intermingled with scuba diving shots. I wanted to be incredibly jealous that anyone could have such an awesome life and then realized where I am and what I am doing. I honestly feel like I have nothing more I could want in life, the one thing I wanted to be jealous of I am lucky enough to have. That's happiness right there: a leaky roof and cockroaches everywhere, but not giving a damn because in the end you are spending every day doing what you love. We spent the evening playing a game called Moose that I introduced to everyone. That was a mistake as it came back to bite me. Never play a game that calls for a communal bowl of alcohol when everyone is drinking something different. Kim picked us up and drove us down to West End around 7:00. I guess that was something Patrick always used to do: drive all of the interns to West End on Friday nights and so Kim is keeping up the tradition. I have some cute pictures from the night back at the house but won't be able to upload them until our internet is up and running again (all the raining seems to have knocked it out).

Saturday it was still pouring rain all day, and really nothing too exciting happened except for everyone sleeping all day.

Sunday it was back to the dive shop, where we spent the day in the classroom, hiding from the rain, learning CPR and other such EFR and First Aid things.