Day 8 - Roatán, Honduras

Mom and I went to breakfast just the two of us at this little restaurant on the main road that is home to two cats and I don't even know how many parrots; there were at least four hanging out in the rafters that we could see. So we were sitting at a table for four and one of the birds helped himself to the extra seat with his little cup of orange juice. I kept tearing off little pieces of toast for him but apparently that wasn't good enough, because before too long he walked right up to Mom's plate and stole an entire triangle of toast that had just been buttered, and actually proceeded to eat the entire thing. 

After Breakfast I went snorkeling and made it to the point this time. You can't actually go around the point, because that is where the waves break, but the snorkeling all along that stretch is absolutely spectacular. We were so far out, that we watched as a group of scuba divers ascended. They saw us a little ways over and called after us to be careful. No sea turtles or squid this time around but maybe next. 

I spent the afternoon with Annie and Nick, and we hired a cab over to a little animal sanctuary with with monkeys and parrots, where we got to hold the animals and take pictures with them. So yes, that is a macaw perched on my head (the national bird of Honduras), and the picture below is a capuchin monkey who decided to sit in my arms while he ate his sunflower seeds or whatever the lady was feeding him. Such a cute little guy!