Day 28

Cruise ships roll in on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and so those are usually our busiest days, because in addition to the divers staying at the resort, we have all the lovely people who load off of the ships who want to go snorkeling. Today we had a boat going to the shipwreck, which doesn't happen very often because it is an hour away, and a private charter going to Pigeon Cay. There was only enough space for two interns on the wreck boat, and one intern on the charter to Pigeon Cay. Holly and I tossed a coin for the Pigeon Cay trip since we had already been to the wreck, and Aaron and Sheila called dibs on the wreck dive. I lost the coin toss so now I am sitting here waiting for the cruise ship people to roll in to take them snorkeling. It's basically a babysitting job.

The other night I was getting ready for bed and lifted up my toiletry bag to find a mound of dirt on our bathroom counter swarming with ants. It gave me the heevie jeevies so I ran out of the bathroom and went to bed without brushing my teeth. The next morning I drowned the anthill in some multipurpose cleaner and woohoo, we had a clean bathroom counter once more. Until I went back a few hours later and there it was again. The ants are bringing dirt in through the electric outlet and are determined to have their anthill next to our sink.

Today we finished our EFR (emergency first response) training! We were all sitting in the classroom when we heard a car horn going off repeatedly outside and finally ran out to find the Subway Kia driven into a tree and Maynor and Darren covered in ketchup and screaming like crazy. Our job was to assess their injuries and make sure they were stable until EMS arrived. Unfortunately, the majority of the hotel was not aware that it was just a stimulation and so the vehicle was surrounded by concerned onlookers in a matter of seconds, making our job that much more fun. In the end we all passed!