Day 7 - Roatán, Honduras

Oh boy, what is any family vacation without a good ounce of drama? Except that I don't do drama... Fun times.

Moving on.

If you look at a map of Roatan, such as this one, you will see a little red dot on on the far left point that is West Bay Beach. That is where we are staying for the week. The last few hundred yards or so of that point is all rocky, and that is where I have been snorkeling. There is a lone rock, about a hundred yards out past the beach that you can easily swim to for some really fabulous marine life in the form of every colored fish imaginable. I learned a secret today though. If you are a decent swimmer and can swim past that, all the way around the point and to the other side, you can usually spot sea turtles and squid. Upon hearing that news I practically ran to grab my fins and camera and was off.

Getting around the point was not as easy as I initially expected, first of all because sunset was approaching and I didn't want to be out at sea on my own when dusk fell, so I was a bit paranoid about the time. and second, because you think you can see the point from the beach, a couple hundred yards out maybe, but you reach it and it is not actually the point, but merely a bit of rock jutting out and hiding the actual point even farther out. So I just kept swimming and swimming as fast as I could, trying to make my way to that darn point and all the while the sea life was just becoming more and more fantastic. After a descent half-hour power-swim I was about to give up and save it for tomorrow when I could start earlier and have more time to swim at my leisure, when I suddenly saw what I had come looking for: this little guy. <3