Day 29

So Rhami moved out on Saturday. Just up and told us that he couldn’t live with people. Actually there’s more to the story but I won’t go into it here. Andrew left for Utila on Saturday. Christine left for Nicaragua this morning. Aaron and Sheila stayed at the shop to go on the night dive. (I gave the whole night diving thing two shots before deciding that I don’t like being blind and cold and underwater all at once). And Holly went for a run. So here I am, alone, in this big, rickety old house, except that I don’t have internet, so I will have to post this later, after the fact. It’s weird that there are only four of us living here now. Four just isn’t enough to give this place the life it needs. I gave myself a tour of the house just now out of boredom, because I hadn’t seen all of the rooms. There are now two empty rooms at the end of our hallway and it just seems creepy. What’s really truly strange though, is that there seems to be this random little balcony at the end of the house with no door leading to it.

I think at least one of the new guys is arriving tomorrow. We have one or two divemaster interns coming, and two who are doing the IDC course. There is a separate house for the IDC people, but apparently they both requested to stay in the intern house and I hope they do. I don’t like being here alone with only the cat and the anthill for company.

Oh yes, update on the anthill: there is now a spider who has spun her web directly over it. I believe there is about to be a war.

I feel like the things I am about to write might be interpreted as me not having a good time, but rest be assured I am having an amazing time. I never want to leave - not yet anyway; I just feel the need to provide a little bit of perspective about the situation here aside from the obvious “OMG I went diving today and saw this and this and this and it was AMAZING!!!” I also realize though that this is the internet, and anyone can read it, so obviously I’m not saying a lot.

Things are about to get interesting at the shop, and not necessarily in a good way. Things were already crazy out of control after Patrick’s death, because he owned the place, and now there are all these questions as to what is going to happen to the shop. Apparently one of the interns from a while back wants to buy it now. Anyway, Kim and Ed have been running things, only Ed’s been gone (left the day after I arrived), so it’s just been Kim. I almost don’t like that Ed’s been gone this entire time, because we keep hearing stories, which are making us all more and more apprehensive about his return, which is due to happen in the next week or so.

Also, we have two guys here in charge of our training: Edwen and Darren. Edwen is a native to the island, and Darren is the British guy. Well, Edwen left to visit Tegucigalpa with his fiancĂ© several days ago, and Darren just today got suspended until Monday, for completely ridiculous reasons as far as I’m aware, which leaves no one in charge of us. WTF? Holly and I are both planning on having a little chat tomorrow. It’s not fair to us that with two people here qualified to train us, and one of them being out of town, that the other one is just suspended without rhyme or reason. And they are both amazing people, but I must say that Darren is the better instructor out of the two.

There’s also been a lot of talk about who is staying and who is leaving (as far as the permanent employees), what with all the ownership issues up in the air right now. This could be an entirely different operation than what we all know by the time we leave. From all of the information I’ve gleaned, it sounds like things could get pretty miserable really fast. Which honestly, I’m on an island scuba diving every day, so put in perspective, “pretty miserable” is probably just a paper cut.

On a brighter note though, I got new toys today! As divemaster interns there are certain items that we are all required to have for our training. A pocket mask, compass, slate, dry bag, noisemaker, etc. etc. etc. and best of all, I got a dive knife! Damn, who would have ever thought that I’d pick up a sport that allows me to carry a spear and a knife? That is so not me, and I am way too excited about it.